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Whenever you speak with LaTanya,  you hear a knowledgeable, passionate, poised and confident woman. LaTanya’s drive and determination to gain just the right exposure for her client is evident. 


Starting out as a Certified Legal Assistant, LaTanya liked the idea of assisting, but after time she realized that she did not like working within the confines of a law firm. So she decided to strike out on her own and start a virtual assistance firm. LaTanya noticed that her virtual clients were lacking in the amount of exposure for their brand. Once she realized the reason why this was happening she began to look for ways to evolve, and The O’Kelly Factor was born. 


Utilizing a combination of traditional media and social media outlets along with some surprising verbal and communication techniques. The O’Kelly Factor’s clients range from artists, retired NFL players, producers, agencies, models, authors non-profits and even Liquor brands that are in markets nationally. 


LaTanya prides herself on providing personalized service and treating her clients like family. Her clients’ success is her success. “We are in this together” So when she says “Let’s get it!” She truly means it. 



LaTanya O'Kelly


With over 10 years of experience LaTanya O'Kelly helps her clients in gaining exposure for their brands. This is often done in numerous ways, including (but not limited) to networking both online and in person.  LaTanya believes that anyone with a product, talent, or service needs exposure and that is what she helps her clients do.


LaTanya is a qualified Publicist who is passionate about helping her clients create both traditional and non-traditional campaigns  to gain them maximum exposure. LaTanya began her journey out of the need to evolve. She started out as a certified Legal Assistant, while she enjoyed the work in assisting, she soon figured out that her passion lived outside of the confines of a law firm.  As her passion grew for a more creative platform, LaTanya created her own virtual assisting firm and she in essence "worked herself out of work." So never one to run away from a challenge, she began looking for opportunities for her virtual clients to get more work, so she began to reach out to various media outlets and found that she had a knack for creating and making the right opportunities including additional work but also getting them exposure and building their brands.  


 The O'Kelly Factor's headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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